Fruits of My Labor

Fruits of My Labor is a locally owned business dedicated to turning locally grown fruits into jams, jellies and Marmalades. The business unofficially began into 2010 when Sue Thomas retired from teaching. The fruits come from local growers and farmers markets.

The fruits are then made into jams, jellies and Marmalades in a commercial kitchen in Mira Mesa. The spreads are sold in craft fairs, local shops and Poway Farmers Market.

Our Specialty is turning your fruit into jams and jellies, thereby allowing you to enjoy it all year long. For further information, look at the tab, Gifts (FYG) short for Gifts from Your Garden.


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My family and I love Sue’s jams. In the morning before my husband and kids go off, we have a cup of tea with english muffins and jam. We enjoy all of the flavors so much!!! Jams are a great way to start the day!

Nicole, San Diego, California

Dave Roberts, Third District Supervisor, getting his Duke’s Burger Jam from Sue Thomas at the San Diego Women’s Conference on March 21, 2014.

“Fruits of My Labor” is by far the best homemade jam in all of San Diego. Each jar of jam has impeccable and scrumptious flavor. Sue, the owner and founder is the sweetest and most gracious lady. Her personality comes through each jar of jam. 

Aimee, La Mesa, California