Remember when you bought your home and the beautiful fruits trees excited you with possibilities? Now that you are in your home, what do you do with all that fruit? Call Fruits of My Labor and we can spin our magic, turning it into jams and jellies that you can enjoy or give to your family and friends. With jam, you will be able to enjoy your fruits all year long.

We can jam as much or as little of your fruit as you want. We can jam all your fruit and return it to you.  Or just a few jars.  Prices depend upon the amount of jars ordered.  Sue will come to your home and we can discuss your needs.  Sometimes it is as simple as a swap of fruit for a few jars of jam. So put your fruit to good use and enjoy the “Fruits of  YOUR Labor!”

Call today to set up a time!  858-705-4269


Susan has made excellent use of our backyard organically grown mission figs this year in her delightful Balsamic Fig Jam.
She has captured the fresh, fruity flavor of each fig! Delicious! – Chris & Barbara N.